Cleaning Service

What we Do
Complete Strip and Wax
We will completely strip every inch of your VCT tile space. We will then re coat all areas with 3 layers of Betco high traffic industrial grade wax. With high-quality stripping and waxing, your flooring will remain clean, shiny and attractive for years to come.
Our floor stripping and waxing services are completed in three steps. These include:
Floor stripping: This is where we will remove the top coating of wax and any other buildup. By stripping the floors, we will remove all of the dirt and grime, leaving the floors bare.Sealant: After we strip the floors, we must then seal it with a high-quality sealer. We will then buff the surface to a sparkling shine. The sealer and gloss finish will extend the wear of your VCT flooring, reduce marks and scratches and will help to guard against soil penetration and abrasion.Waxing: Our VCT floor finish will give your floors a deep, rich protective glow. The becto industrial grade wax we use will protect your flooring and will make it shine like new once more.
Prices may vary please contact us for pricing